Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Detour Through Wine Country on Arbor Road

Detour Through Wine Country on Unpaved Section of Arbor Road

I took this photo while escaping the backed-up traffic affecting almost every route between Paso Robles and Templeton Monday. When I saw South Vine backed up all the way to First Street from Highway 46 West, where I was headed, I turned off quickly on Kiler Canyon to get to 46 through the hills to Arbor Road to 46. It's a tricky detour because if you don't make the turn onto Arbor Road, it's a long slow dirt road to connect to Peachy Canyon Road -- several miles. 

Detour Through Wine Country on Arbor Road
Vineyard on Arbor Road in June, © B. Radisavljevic

I had just rounded a curve when I found a place to pull over and take this photo. Before I was back in the car, a CHP car came by followed by two construction trucks. He probably thought I was lost or in trouble. I reassured him and then asked what was tying up 101 and all the alternate routes. He explained about the work that entailed lane closures in both directions from the 46 West exit. I'm guessing he was leading those construction trucks behind him to the project so they wouldn't get lost. 

If you'd like to take this detour some time or just see what happens if you take the wrong turn, read Kiler Canyon: A Scenic Drive in Paso Robles, California.  Its photos will help keep you from getting lost.

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